Hungry Hungry Hippie

Hungry Hungry Hippie


The word was once a derogatory term. It ’s a supermarket group worth almost $2 billion a year. Kombucha was something your art teacher may have produced in her cellar. The business GT’s Kombucha brews a lot more than a million bottles per annum and sells many of these at Safeway and Walmart. It’s possible for you to add it at 15,000 Starbucks places for 60 cents.

Vegetarianism and veganism are about the rise; and kale, the bacon of the clean-eating instant, is regularly piled on salad plates over the property. The hippies might not have won the election, however they have been winning the plate. “The counterculture is consistently forward of what’s currently occurring in mainstream culture,” said the editorial manager of Lucky Peach magazine, Peter Meehan. “ It authentic in just about any discipline that is creative as it’s in food.”

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