Richard Branson Shares His Best Business Advice In 4 Letters

Richard Branson Shares His Best Business Advice In 4 Letters

Richard Branson’s Letter To His 10-Year-Old Self

In My Letter To 10 Year-Old Me, Branson encouraged young Ricky to embrace the spirit of adventure and to never stop dreaming.

He told his younger self that he will face challenges – everyone does – and to not let that get in the way of achieving his dreams.

Here is some of his best advice:

  1. The spirit of adventure will keep you curious; open your mind to great opportunities; and steer you on a lifelong quest to prove that impossible is just a word.”
  2. “Never stop dreaming and creating.”
  3. Don’t ever let anyone prevent you from going after your dreams.
  4. You will face many challenges, and often feel like you don’t fit in and that you can’t always keep up. Don’t let this hold you back. Use your imagination to find inventive ways around it.”
  5. “You will make a lot of mistakes and fail time and time again. But don’t let this discourage you. Failure teaches us life’s greatest lessons, and often shows us a better way of doing things.”
  6. Above all, always remember to have fun.”
  7. As you grow older you will realise just how important it is to do what you love and love what you do. Don’t waste your time doing things that don’t excite you.”
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